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Difficulty Urinating

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Difficulty Urinating
 Usually resolved through noninvasive treatment

Most men who have trouble urinating will chalk it up to something that happens with age, however there are many different causes to difficulty urinating that can often be found during a visit with one of our urologists, and can then be treated to help the problems resolve.


Some of the potential underlying causes of difficulty urinating are an enlarged prostate, or BHP, prostate cancer, nocturia, urethral strictures, and urinary incontinence.


Waking up and needing to urinate in the middle of the night, a slow weak urine stream, pain while urinating, or pain in your lower abdomen and/or back are all symptoms that go along with difficulty urinating.


Our urologists will run an in depth medical exam to check past medical history, a urine exam, and will possibly check prostate health through a rectal exam. If necessary, an ultrasound may be performed to check prostate health.


Fortunately, the majority of the causes of difficulty urinating are able to be resolved through a variety of noninvasive treatment options. Once our urologists have diagnosed the underlying cause, they will be able to match a treatment to effectively clear up the issues.

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