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Kidney Stone Hotline

This hotline is here to help if you are suffering from kidney stones.

Kidney Stone Hotline
Kidney Stone Hotline

The Kidney Stone Hotline is a resource to assist you when experiencing the symptoms of a kidney stone for those living in the Central Virginia area. Call our hotline at 804-560-STON(e) | 804-560-7866. When you call this number, a staff member will coordinate appropriate care by either scheduling you a timely appointment at our office or directing you to immediate care, as needed.

Should you need to be treated at an Emergency Department, our preference is Retreat Doctors Hospital located at 2621 Grove Ave, Richmond VA 23220.  Retreat Doctors Hospital is very knowledgeable on Virginia Urology’s protocol for kidney stone evaluation allowing us to treat you in the most timely and efficient manner.

Please note: To ensure your safety and provide quality care, our physicians do not prescribe pain medications (i.e., narcotics) over the telephone. If it is necessary to control pain after hours, then you may be directed to a local emergency room and given a follow-up appointment in our office the next business day.

Hopefully, you will not have the unfortunate experience of a painful kidney stone attack. But if you do, the experienced physicians and staff at Virginia Urology are here to help by offering you prompt care with the convenience of kidney stone diagnosis and treatment at one location.

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