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 Virginia Urology offers our patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.

Welcome to Virginia Urology’s Research Department.

As part of our commitment to provide excellent medical care, Virginia Urology offers our patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials (medical research studies).

Clinical trials enable patients to try new medications and procedures before these treatments become widely available as standard care. Some research studies offer an alternative to standard care, while others provide additional treatment alongside standard care.

Our Research Department has been active in clinical trials for over 25 years. We perform Phase II, III, and IV studies covering a range of urologic conditions.

Currently, we have clinical trials in the following areas. You may click on the study link for more details.

Bladder Cancer:

Erectile Dysfunction:

Prostate Cancer:

If you are interested in participating in one of these studies, please feel free to contact the Research Department at (804) 288-2785.

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