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Vasectomy Reversals

A Vasectomy is one of the most effective forms of birth control, second only to abstinence. So it’s no surprise…

Paying Your Bill Online

When paying your Virginia Urology bill online, please use the “Bill Pay” button on our uro.com website or by clicking…

Shockwave Therapy for ED Now Offered

If you have mild ED and you cannot or do not want to take PDE5Is, your doctor may recommend extracorporeal…

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"Everything from start to finish was excellent. This place is like taking your urinary tract to the Four Seasons for vacation!"
Virginia Urology Patient
"Very professional, efficient, and much more pleasant than many other specialists’ offices I’ve visited."
Virginia Urology Patient
"Surprisingly impressed how everyone from beginning to end was very friendly and helpful without long waits."
Virginia Urology Patient

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