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Inaugural Edition of Virginia’s Top Doctors

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Inaugural Edition of Virginia’s Top Doctors

The inaugural edition of Virginia’s Top Doctors has arrived. Virginia Business contacted over 10,000 medical professionals and asked them to identify which of their peers were the top doctors among 60 medical specialties. Virginia Urology is proud to have many on this esteemed list. Congratulations to the following TOP DOCTOR recognition:


  • C. Ryan Barnes, MD
  • Sundeep Deorah, MD, MPH
  • Mark B. Monahan, MD
  • William R. Morgan, MD
  • Kinloch Nelson, MD
  • Jason S. Szobota

Radiation Oncology:

  • Christopher R. Chipko, MD
  • Lang R. Liebman, MD
  • J. Daniel Pennington, MD, PhD

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