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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Virginia Urology and thank you for choosing our organization for your urologic needs. Please take time to read our Patient Brochure as it is a handy reference to give you more specific and detailed information about the “ins and outs” of our practice.

We are constantly striving to make our offices more efficient. You will receive an email or text message from Phreesia, our patient information system, where you will need to complete your registration forms prior to your appointment. We will be able to assist you more efficiently when you arrive at our office by doing this.

As required by law, we are providing you a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices. We do not require you to print this information; however, what is required is that we have on file your written acknowledgment of receiving this information. Please review this information prior to signing the acknowledgment form.

Please remember the following items for your first appointment:

  1. Complete and submit registration and history forms online 2 days prior.
  2. Please bring your photo ID, insurance cards, and list of current medications. If your insurance requires a referral or co-pay, please bring them with you.
  3. If you have any x-rays, medical records, lab results or other pertinent medical history, please bring that with you.
  4. You may need to provide a urine sample as part of your exam, so do not empty your bladder before seeing the nurse.
  5. Please inform the office if you have ever served in the U.S. Military and/or if you are enrolled in the VLER (Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record) program sponsored by the Department of Defense.  To learn more and enroll in the VLER program, please visit the following site www.richmond.va.gov and under “Resources” at the bottom of the page click on the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record link.
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