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Adult Circumcision

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Adult Circumcision
 The procedure generally takes around an hour.
 The operated-on area will be bruised and swollen for two to three weeks.

Circumcision of the penis is a procedure where the extra foreskin of the penis is removed via excision. This is not a medically necessary procedure, although it has been shown to have increased health effects by preventing some conditions and usually easing the practice of proper hygiene of the penis.


Reasons for the need of circumcision stem from repeat infections that lead to other problematic conditions within the region. Other reasons for circumcision may be for religious beliefs or cosmetic reasons.


Before surgery, a urologist will examine the penis to determine the amount of foreskin to be removed.


Once diagnosed, a doctor will perform an excision of the excess foreskin found on the penis. The procedure generally takes around an hour. The operated-on area will be bruised and swollen for two to three weeks. Urination may be painful for several days or weeks after the procedure.

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