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Health Insurance Information for 2024

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If your insurance plan changed in 2024 for the new year, there is some key information that you must know before you visit us or any doctor’s office.

  • REFERRALS:  If your plan requires referrals the referrals that you had last year have expired and you must have a new referral from your primary care provider before services can be rendered.
  • INSURANCE DEDUCTIBLES: These deductibles reset at the beginning of the year. It is important to know your out-of-pocket obligation so that you are financially prepared when you go to the doctor.
  • PATIENT RESPONSIBILITY: The insurance industry has become such a maze and it is impossible for us or any office to know the ins and outs of thousands of plans. It is your responsibility to become familiar with your insurance benefits and plan policies.  So that you can plan for the first of the year out-of-pocket costs and you will have the necessary paperwork (referrals, authorization, etc.) in hand so that you can be seen.

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